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peer-to-peer computing

Peer-to-peer computing is when computers share information with each other directly, like friends sharing toys. Imagine you have a friend and you want to borrow their toy. You could ask them to bring the toy to you, but it would take a while. Instead, you could just go to your friend's house and borrow the toy directly. This is faster and more efficient.

In the same way, when computers need to share information or data, they can do it directly with each other. They don't have to go through a central server or computer. This is called peer-to-peer computing. It's like all the computers are friends and they share what they have with each other.

This type of computing is useful for things like file sharing or online gaming. People can share files with each other without having to use a central server. This makes it faster and more efficient because the computers are directly sharing the files with each other.

However, peer-to-peer computing can also be risky because it's harder to regulate and monitor what's being shared. That's why some people use it for illegal file sharing or pirating movies and music. It's important to use peer-to-peer computing responsibly and only share things that you have permission to share.