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Labour hire

Okay, so imagine you have a big toy box that you need help organizing. You could ask your mom or dad to help, right? But what if they're busy with something else or don't know how to organize toys very well? That's where labour hire comes in!

Labour hire is when a company needs extra help for a little while, so they hire people from another company to do the work for them. It's like borrowing someone else's toys to help you clean up your toy box.

So let's say the company needs someone to help them with scanning documents, but they don't want to hire a full-time employee just for that task. They can use labour hire to find a person who's good at scanning documents and can work for them for a little while to get the job done. It's kind of like a substitute teacher filling in for your regular teacher when they're sick.

The person doing the work is called a labour hire worker or a temp. They get paid by the company that hires them, but their actual employer is the labour hire company. It's like when your mom gives your friend a cookie for helping you clean up the toy box - your friend gets the cookie, but your mom paid for it.

Labour hire can be really helpful for companies because they don't have to worry as much about things like training or finding a replacement if the person they've hired doesn't work out. It's like if your mom always had a backup plan for when your friend can't come over to help you with your toys.

So remember, labour hire is when a company needs someone to help them with a task, but they borrow that person from another company for a little while. It's just like borrowing your friend's toys to help you organize your toy box!