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Temporary work

Have you ever had a playmate come over to your house and they helped you build a fort using blankets and pillows? And they stayed with you for a few hours, but then it was time for them to go home? That’s kind of what temporary work is like!

In temporary work, grown-ups are hired by companies for a short amount of time, usually a few days or weeks. It’s like they are playmates who come over to help the company with a specific project or job.

The grown-ups who do temporary work are called “temporary workers” because they are not employed by the company permanently. They work for a limited amount of time, like when your playmate comes over for a short visit.

Sometimes, a company might need extra help for a busy period, like during the holidays, and they hire temporary workers to help them get through that period. Other times, they might need someone to fill in for another worker who is on vacation or take time off for other reasons.

So, temporary work is when grown-ups come to work at a company for a short amount of time to help them with a specific job or project, just like when your playmate comes over for a little while to help you build a fort.