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Kombucha is like juice, but with bubbles and it's made from tea. It starts with a special kind of tea called sweet tea. Sweet tea is like the tea you drink, but it has sugar in it. When you make sweet tea, you add sugar to the tea while it's still hot.

Then, you put a special thing called a Scoby in sweet tea. Scoby is like a pancake, but not for eating. It's a jelly-like thing that has a LOT of little live things in it that help make the kombucha bubbly and tart.

The Scoby eats the sugar in the sweet tea and makes bubbles like in soda. It also makes a lot of other things too, that make the kombucha taste sour, but still yummy.

After a little while, the kombucha is ready to drink. You get rid of the Scoby and add some fruit juice or flavoring if you like. Then you put it in a bottle, close the bottle tight, and wait for a few days. During those days, the bubbles in kombucha get even bigger and make it even more bubbly.

Finally, you open the bottle, and you have a refreshing, fizzy drink that's good for your tummy!
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